[PRad] PRad II - DRad weekly meeting (Apr 23rd)

Valery Kubarovsky vpk at jlab.org
Thu Apr 22 11:57:11 EDT 2021

OK. I will be at laser stand

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Dear All

We will have our weekly PRad II - DRad meeting this Friday (Apr 23rd) at 11:30 AM EDT.
The bluejeans link to attend the meeting is the following:


To dial in, please use the following phone lines:

Phoneline 18882402560 (US or Canada)
Phoneline 1.408.498.7830 (US)
Meeting ID: 787384886

If you wish to put your slides on the secure wiki page, please send me the slides. Or you
can just upload them to PRad wiki:


after login with your JLab username and password, and then clicking "Upload file",
which appears on the left-hand side of the webpage.

Best regards,

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