[PRad] [EXTERNAL] Presentation for the CLAS Collaboration Meeting

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Thu Jul 6 09:38:11 EDT 2023

  Dear Jingyi,

 This is a very good presentation, thanks for that.
 Few comments and suggestions:
 0)since we have 2 approved experiment and one current proposal, it
   would be natural if we submit to them in that order: the PRad-II, the
   X17 experiments and then the current proposal.
 1) on slide #2 and on all related slides, the PRad-II is an approved
    experiment so it should be E12-20-004.
 2) the same for the X17 search experiment: E12.....
 3) on slide #6, the title "The proposed PRad-II experiment, the same
 4) on slide #7, the first bullet, the statement "the only "A" rating
    among all proposals ..." better to say "... approved with highest
    "A" scientific rating ..."
 5) slide #8,9,10,11,12, the title, the some comment ...
 6) on slide #17,18, the title, "... DRad Proposal"
 7) on slide #22, since you have 20 min, it would be better to start
    with the X17 Experiment (with the number)
 8) on slide #24 "Summary": bullet #1: (a) bring the best independent
    form factor measurement at low Q2 range. (b) to address the FF
    difference between PRad and MAMI, (c) reach lowest Q2 range 10-5 GeV2
    bullet #2 bring the X17 Experiment here. ....
    bullet #3 the DRad, (a) FF measurement at very low Q2 range with ...
    (b) extract the deteron charge radius with the highest ...

 The rest is very good and it will be an excellent proposal.


> Dear all,
> Attached are my slides for the CLAS Collaboration Meeting. The talk will
> be on next Friday (July 14th) at 10:05 am. It will be 20mins presentation
> + 5mins Q&A. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Jingyi
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