[PRad] [EXTERNAL] Re: HyCal test plan this week

Jingyi Zhou jingyi.zhou at duke.edu
Mon Jul 24 16:11:02 EDT 2023

Hi Eugene,

Next week works for me. I'll stay at JLab till this Friday. The next possible window for me to come is late August or early September.


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Subject: Re: HyCal test plan this week

Hi Jingyi,

I went to ESB today to see HyCal. It is impossible to work on it at its current location. We have to move it somewhere where we have enough space to open it and also put a rack with electronics and a computer nearby. So, we need to solve this logistical problem before starting any work on it. I started working on it.
Meanwhile, we need to define the scope of work that needs to be done and how we will do that, and equipment we need, manpower...
We should have a dedicated meeting(s) about preparations for the experiemnts. Maybe next week?


From: Jingyi Zhou <jingyi.zhou at duke.edu>
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To: Eugene Pasyuk <pasyuk at jlab.org>
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] HyCal test plan this week

Hi Eugene,

I am at JLab and will be available anytime when there is no PAC session. What can we do with the HyCal test?
Chao will also come to the lab later this week if we can work on the test.


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