[PRad] HyCal test plan this week

gasparan at jlab.org gasparan at jlab.org
Tue Jul 25 10:51:56 EDT 2023

  Dear Patrick,

 In old days NSF had a well defined time schedule for the proposals.
 Recently (after COVID effect) the times are all unpredictable and
 extended (for the decision making process). My best guess is before
 September will be known.
 We have no choice other than wait for about one more month.

 Thanks for comments,

> Good morning all,
>  2) The first question on our way is to (a) identify the HyCal upgrade
>     level (not the FADC and DAQ). From this depends what and WHEN we
>     have to start work on HyCal (example, if we get funds for PbWO4 then
>     Hycal will need to disassemble and reassemble again); (b) what is the
>     sequence of running the approved experiments? This can be done only
>     in this Fall with the Hall B and Physics Division leaders.
> It is my understanding that we have to wait for (a) before we can decide
> on (b).
> Is there a timeline when the NSF MRI proposal outcome will be known?
> Best,
> Patrick

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