[PRad] Beam current limit

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Fri Jun 16 05:24:25 EDT 2023

  Hi Eugene,

 I do not remember why we left that factor in the proposal.
 The limiting factors should be (a) the rate in the crystals (b)
 the DAQ rate.

> Good afternoon,
> The TAC report for the DRad proposal is being prepared and they noticed
> that the proposal said that the beam current limitation is based on the
> 165 W power limit of the Faraday Cup. Recently the power limit of the FC
> was reviewed and lifted up to 1 kW. Which translates to 450 nA @2.2 GeV.
> So, the beam power is not a limiting factor anymore. We need to review
> again what is the limiting factor for the luminosity. It probably would be
> DAQ, perhaps GEM readout, or silicon strip detector readout. Also, HyCal
> rates may become too high if we increase luminosity.
> Anyways, it needs to be looked at. This will be noted in TAC report.
> -Eugene
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