[Solid_software] new ifarm, new file location, vnc

Zhiwen Zhao zwzhao at jlab.org
Tue May 16 13:47:33 EDT 2017

Hi, All

We have to change from old ifarm1101 with centos6.5 which will be
decommissioned sooner or later.
Also I moved the default file location on ifarm to have better 
performance and backup
default ifarm, from ifarm1101 with centos6.5 to ifarm (alias to 
ifarm1401 and 1402) with centos7.2
default framework location from /work/halla/solid/apps/jlab_root to 
default repo checkout on ifarm, from /home/zwzhao/solid/solid_svn to 
To use these, update your set_solid from SVN

new farm scripts are added here

The wiki is updated to reflect the changes

A new trick to run it on ifarm in graphic mode using vnc


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