[Solid_tof] SoLID TOF todo list in near future and plan for next meeting

Zhiwen Zhao zwzhao at jlab.org
Fri Dec 9 14:35:08 EST 2016

Dear Yi and Mickey

At the SoLID meeting last week, we decide to finish MIE by March and 
submit reply to direct review next week.
Here is something like a todo list

1. reply to director review using fast MRPC to do kaon PID
Yi plans to send a very short summary as soon as possible to Alex
Alex will take it and add some info about needed DAQ and put into reply.

2. first version of MRPC digitization code before MIE in March
The code should take simulation result as input and produce digitization 
output just like what real MRPC output.
As our SoLID background rate on MRPC could be 10-20kHz/cm2, close to 
MRPC tested limit, we hope we can use this digitization code to know 
what's true background rate in SoLID.
The simulation result Yi and student showed at SoLID meeting was great 
start, Sanghwa would help to make it further and coherent with SoLID 
software framework in general.
Due to the limited time, we would aim just a first version before March 
and it can be developed further by combining simulation,digitization, 
real test all together later.

It would be good if Yi and student can show us some details what was 
done and give some insights about how simulation is connected to MRPC 
Mickey may have input also.
A meeting for this before the Holidays would be a great start.

Here is a doodle pull for meeting time, please fill it in and I will 
find a time.



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