[Solid_tof] plan for MRPC simulation

Zhiwen Zhao zwzhao at jlab.org
Mon Oct 24 11:50:20 EDT 2016

Dear Yi and Mickey

It's the great that you will have the upcoming meeting in China to 
prepare the funding application.
Certainly it should focus on the electronics.
But I wonder if simulation could be included as part of the topics.
It was a main recommendation from the EIC R&D funding committee, as 
Mickey know

Here is some of my thinking on this
1. to better understand MRPC working principal and aid the R&D to 
improve its timing and rate capability.
2. to help interpret test data and evaluate its performance in real 
experiment setup.
1. charges in electronics field, Garfield
2. particle interaction with materaisl, Geant4 (GEMC?)
3. some existing digitization code?
1. realistic setup in simulation code and detailed digitization code
3. comparing simulation result with the results of well controlled test
3. fine tune the parameters in simulation and digitization to match test
4. study both charged particle and neutron particles response, low 
energy photon response is particularly important for SoLID
1. data tested MRPC in Garfield
2. data tested Geant4 simulation code
3. data tested digitization code

One example is what UVa group is doing similar things for GEM
They are doing lab test with electron and Xray
They are running an geant4 simulation using GEMC, then a digitization 
code to compare to test data directly.
The parameters are tuned accordingly.
Then they will use what have learned for the upcoming beam test.

What do you think?


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