[Solid_tof] MRPC position resolution

Zhiwen Zhao zwzhao at jlab.org
Thu Sep 1 17:24:03 EDT 2016

Dear Yi

What's the estimation of MRPC position resolution?
It can be useful for us to estimate overall performance for different study.

I am thinking it could be at different level
1. offline analysis stage.
Together with timing resolution, this will affect PID. The hit can be a 
seed for tracking also. This needs the best resolution possible.
2. level 3 trigger stage.
We want to use hit on MRPC as a seed for a fast and rough tracking. This 
resolution can be larger, but can be obtained quickly with limited info, 
maybe close to readout strip size?
3. level 1 trigger stage.
we want to match the hit on MRPC to these 100cm2 EC modules. so the 
resolution can be very rough, maybe just module size?

So I am guessing 1mm,1cm,10cm for 1,2,3

Please let me know what's the best value you can estimate for now.
This would be very helpful.



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