[Solid_tof] SoLID TOF todo list in near future and plan for next meeting

Zhiwen Zhao zwzhao at jlab.org
Mon Jan 2 12:38:38 EST 2017


I totally agree that how the photon background affects the charged 
particle detection is
the main concern.
The result of the test Yi and you did in Hall A in 2012, included in 
preCDR, gave us
some confidence.
The next step would be to relate the SoLID background in simulation to 
the actual
response of MRPC.
Just like what the GEM study did, some well controlled x-ray source, 
beta source test together
with MRPC simulation and digitization software would do the job.
 From what Yi and his student showed during the SoLID meeting, they have 
good progress on
both simulation and digitization already.
What Sanghwa can help is to make them more advanced and compatible with 
general SoLID simulation
and digitization, by following GEM as an example.

About combining GARFIELD and Geant4 for MRPC simulation, I don't know if 
it will work.
I hope we don't have to do it, just like for GEM.
Yi and Mickey would have  more experience.


On 1/2/2017 8:07 AM, Alexandre Camsonne wrote:
> Hi all best wishes for 2017.
> I think we need to separate the simulation needs clearly :
> - we need to see what is effect of pile up on timing resolution for
> SoLID, I think if we get a shape ( scope trace ) and a background file
> from the MRPC with energy deposit and time, we can have an idea if we
> need to worry about pile-up. I am mostly worried about the photon
> background which might make a noise atop which the MIP are riding. I
> think that could be done quickly and that is something we need for the
> directors review to prove that even with current design we can reach
> the SIDIS goal for timing resolution with baseline TDC / discriminator
> -the modelization of the particle interaction in the MRPC to be able
> to determine what timing resolution can be achieved depending on the
> MRPC geometry. I think you need a GARFIELD or something similar to be
> able to generate field map and track the electrons and ions in the
> chamber ( with Geant4 ? ). It is more complicated and I think that is
> one the EIC R&D effort.
> That might be useful for the first item to have a more realistic
> response of the chamber to background but that will take more time.
> Alexandre
> On Sun, Jan 1, 2017 at 10:28 PM, Zhiwen Zhao <zwzhao at jlab.org> wrote:
>> Dear Yi and Mickey
>> JP suggests we have a short meeting before the workshop in China.
>> The goal is to give Sanghwa some input to start MRPC digitization work so
>> that she can have a first working version by March.
>> I guess showing some details of the simulation Yi and student did would be a
>> great start?
>> Or maybe Mickey can have some input also?
>> Please fill the doodle poll for next week here
>> http://doodle.com/poll/vn58bwvunw5pzeuh
>> Thanks and Happy New Year!
>> Zhiwen
>> On 12/9/2016 2:35 PM, Zhiwen Zhao wrote:
>>> Dear Yi and Mickey
>>> At the SoLID meeting last week, we decide to finish MIE by March and
>>> submit reply to direct review next week.
>>> Here is something like a todo list
>>> 1. reply to director review using fast MRPC to do kaon PID
>>> Yi plans to send a very short summary as soon as possible to Alex
>>> Alex will take it and add some info about needed DAQ and put into reply.
>>> 2. first version of MRPC digitization code before MIE in March
>>> The code should take simulation result as input and produce digitization
>>> output just like what real MRPC output.
>>> As our SoLID background rate on MRPC could be 10-20kHz/cm2, close to
>>> MRPC tested limit, we hope we can use this digitization code to know
>>> what's true background rate in SoLID.
>>> The simulation result Yi and student showed at SoLID meeting was great
>>> start, Sanghwa would help to make it further and coherent with SoLID
>>> software framework in general.
>>> Due to the limited time, we would aim just a first version before March
>>> and it can be developed further by combining simulation,digitization,
>>> real test all together later.
>>> It would be good if Yi and student can show us some details what was
>>> done and give some insights about how simulation is connected to MRPC
>>> signal.
>>> Mickey may have input also.
>>> A meeting for this before the Holidays would be a great start.
>>> Here is a doodle pull for meeting time, please fill it in and I will
>>> find a time.
>>> http://doodle.com/poll/u3qzi2u37wcf6fue
>>> Thanks
>>> Zhiwen
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