[Xgt2] Collaboration Meeting Agenda

Eliezer Piasetzky eip at tauphy.tau.ac.il
Fri Dec 3 21:29:34 EST 2010

I though that we should devote more time to discuss our plans
form now untill the beam starts. Who will be there, what we plan to do
to move the equipment, what we need to do to setup, what we need to do to 
check.  We need to have a detailed plan paralel to Eds on what need to be 
done when it will be done and by whom. I propose that  Vince will preper
a darft and I propose that at least copule of hours will be devoted to 
that issue. We also need a very detailed plan for the setup with teh beam 
which I have a darft and ready to present/discuss.

The reports to my opinuion need to be focus on problems, need to be done
when how who.

     best ergards

On Fri, 3 Dec 2010, Aidan Kelleher wrote:

> Greetings Collaborators!
> We will have meeting to discuss the upcoming round of experiments in Hall A. 
> I have reserved room L207 in CEBAF Center.  I have also reserved a meeting in 
> EVO (information at the end of the email).
> The meeting agenda, which will be updated if necessary, is on the E07-006 
> Wiki, as well as http://www.jlab.org/~kelleher/agenda_7dec2010.txt
> Meeting Agenda
> 9:30 Welcome
> 9:45 FPP Update (Aidan Kelleher/Kai Pan)
> 10:00 Report from N-Delta (David Anez)
> 10:30 Report from x > 2 (Patricia Solvignon)
> 11:00 Scheduling and Outlook Update (Kees de Jager)
> 11:30 Report from d-breakup (Blaine Norum/Doug Higinbotham)
> 12:00 Discussion: Shared Calibrations and Hall Layout (all)
> 12:30 Break for Lunch
> 13:30 Hall A weekly meeting
> 14:00 DAQ (Vince Sulkosky/Larry Selvy/Tel Aviv Group)
> 14:30 Software (Navaphon Muangma/Larry Selvy/Igor Korover)
> 14:45 Report on HAND (Larry Selvy)
> 15:00 Report on BigBite (Navaphon Muangma)
> 15:15 Report on HRS detectors (Vince Sulkosky/Zhihong Ye)
> 15:30 Discussion
> 16:30 Adjourn
> I have reserved the EVO meeting:
>>  Title:		SRC Collaboration Meeting
>>  Meeting Access Information:
>>  - Meeting URL
>>   http://evo.caltech.edu/evoNext/koala.jnlp?meeting=MMMeMn2e2uDaDD9e98D29M
>>  - Phone Bridge
>>   ID: 256 8649
> Thanks, and I look forward to seeing everyone on Dec 7th.
> Aidan

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