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> Subject: Collaboration Meeting on Dec 7
> Hello Collaborators,
> We will have a collaboration meeting for the Hall A SRC family of experiments on December 7th in CEBAF Center room L207.  For those offsite, we will be connected via EVO. 
> Please plan to attend or connect.  An agenda will follow, but topics will include scheduling of experiments to present a coherent plan for running to lab management.  Input from all experiments running next year is vital.
> I have reserved the EVO meeting:
> Title:		SRC Collaboration Meeting
> Meeting Access Information:
> - Meeting URL
> 	http://evo.caltech.edu/evoNext/koala.jnlp?meeting=MMMeMn2e2uDaDD9e98D29M
> - Phone Bridge
> 	ID: 256 8649
> Thanks,
> Aidan
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