[Xgt2] Status report for X>2 analysis

Zhihong Ye zy8bb at virginia.edu
Thu Jan 19 12:33:33 EST 2012

Dear all,

My Jlab email has problems to receive email so I missed all your 
discussion after I sent out the email.  As I went through your replying, 
I think we all agree that we will have  four-week meeting at Friday 2pm.

To Patricia: Huan's data has some hardware issue so I believe he did 
some special treatment. For our data, as you seen, at lease the focal 
plane and target plane variables agree very well for C12, so I think the 
code should not give problems to C12 data. I am preparing our model and 
try to encode it into the SAMC code, so in the future, SAMC will be used 
only as a events generator and  for data reconstruction. We will see how 
it work when I have our C12 cross sections.

To Nadia: I have the version of XEM from Patricia. I went through the 
code and found out that it only goes up to xbj=2 and there are many 
treatment for small xbj regions. Could you send me your most common 
version so I can compare with?

Best Regards
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On 01/19/2012 10:49 AM, Donal Day wrote:
> Zhihong, I hope you have the right version of the code.  XEM code was not used just for the EMC effect, but was also specifically iterated to work for teh 6GeV x>1 data analysis.  IT also doesn't stop at x=2, since I fit it to the data and then used it to to do corrections for all the targets, not just deuterium.
> >  
> >    It might be worth comparing the output of what you  have with what I have for a few targets.
> >  
> >  Nadia
> >  

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