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Hi Pierre,

Yes, nice presentation!

Regarding questions on CLAS12 background merging ...

My understand is that it currently does two things:  adds background hits and accounts for a holdoff time (rejecting hits that are too close in time to a previous hit on the same channel).  I know we thought the holdoffs were modeled well for DC, because that's where the holdoffs were presumed to be most important, but I'm not sure about all the other detectors.

But one thing I know it doesn't do is account for time evolution in digitization (and the same goes for GEMC and its internal background).  If multiple hits would have merged in hardware, that is not addressed properly but left interpreted as two separate hits.  Maybe/probably that's not too important for detectors that don't use energy deposition offline and/or have a large holdoff time, like DC, but it would get more important at higher rates/luminosity.


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Hi Pierre,
You made a very good presentation today.
I think that we can verify the main assumption of Stepan's paper "Studies of background with the scattered electron" that the efficiency is the product of individual efficiencies of the electrons, positrons and protons;
using your MC model. What do you think?
You have to use MC with BG merging.

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Dear all,

let's meet tomorrow.

Please put your material at the link below.
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