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Here are my comments:
- slide 3, you can omit the first bullet. The statement depends on your experiment/measurement and is not the characteristics of the process.
- slide 4, 1st bullet, add “timeline” before “photon”
- slide 4, 3rd bullet, add “at leading twist” to your statement of “four GPDs”
- slide 5, all these asymmetries are generated because of the interference with BH. But you did not introduce BH or the interference. So, at some point before this slide you should mention Bethe-Heitler. For example, you can add it to slide 3, stating that a QED process with the identical final state, Bethe-Heitler (BH), interferes with TCS at the amplitude level and the experiment measures both processes and the interference at the same time, or something like this.
- slide 10, you should introduce the reaction. Clearly, experiment run with an electron beam. So, few words on quasi-real photoproduction  and the process formula must be introduced.
- slide 11, the same way, you should introduce all variables that are used in cuts, IM, PtP, Eg, MM2
- slide 13, it should be made clear that IM on the plots before and Q’ are the same.
- slide 14, I am not sure about the formula for asymmetry A_{UL}. Are you sure the target polarizations are in the right places?


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Hi all,

I have a contributed talk upcoming at HADRON2023 (HADRON2023 (5-9 June 2023): Overview · Agenda (Indico) (infn.it)<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__agenda.infn.it_event_33110_&d=DwMFAw&c=CJqEzB1piLOyyvZjb8YUQw&r=jsuHJvZltBfNoE12ZB2mBPyDG2wcNuxiKB_RQsgdKh0&m=bWLYdFas4CRxSakLckyPVqkdE2ZMF0D5CsQ6DPUTz6XD3QwehGrQld06Q-5SZ9l-&s=l9HSKvDFuIjODK0c-IqO5jzedIemedTC7YC_Yt-dLok&e=>) on Friday 9thJune, I have attached my slides here, any comments/suggestions are welcome.


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