[Clas_lmd] gamp2MC for G11 simulation

Michael C. Kunkel mkunkel at jlab.org
Sat Feb 28 17:34:51 EST 2015


I have modified a code that uses gamp files as input and creates the BOS 
format with the HEAD, MCEV, MCTK, MCVX, TAGR. These are the banks that 
Raffaella mentioned are needed to properly propagate the generated data 
into the final reconstructed ROOT file.

Please change your submit scripts where the gamp2part is used to
gamp2MC with the added option -m

The -m flag is for the MC banks while leaving this flag off will 
generate HEAD, PART and TAGR, for those who will be using G12 simulations.

The -m flag needs to be the first flag then use your remaining flags 

I have only tested this on the generation level for G11. G11 members 
should test this on their simulation chain.
G12 members, this code works exactly like gamp2part.

Path to the executable is 

Michael C. Kunkel, PhD
Forschungszentrum Jülich
Nuclear Physics Institute and Juelich Center for Hadron Physics
Experimental Hadron Structure (IKP-1)

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