[Clas_members] Shift Lists

Dan Protopopescu d.protopopescu at physics.gla.ac.uk
Thu May 27 04:11:37 EDT 2010

Dear CLAS members,

Please check your shift manpower lists as soon as possible, and
follow the instructions therein to edit your personnel:

Due to the change in accelerator schedule, we might have to fill the
gap period with new shifts (another idea would be to shift the whole
schedule segment).

In an effort to reconcile CLAS membership with shift allocations, some 
of the lists have been recently changed by the addition of all _active_ 
members from the CLAS Membership DB. That means that the 
institutes will have to first sort out one's membership (email Kevin for 
this), before being allowed to remove one's name from the shift lists.  

Could you please check those lists and take appropriate action before
I might have to generate a schedule for the missing weeks ?

Best regards,

Dr. Dan PROTOPOPESCU                      Tel: +44 141 330-5531
Department of Physics & Astronomy,       FAX: +44 141 330-5889
University of Glasgow,                               Mob: +44 794 046-3355
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