[clas_members] CT paper

Marco Ripani Marco.Ripani at ge.infn.it
Thu Jul 14 13:41:36 EDT 2011

Dear colleagues,
an updated version of the "Shrunken rho" paper along with the authors' 
responses to the collaboration comments can be found in


Please notice that the original email messages may not be readable as 
the "mailman" interface is still down or not accessible from the outside.
However the authors are reporting the original comments and questions in 
their responses, so you can see how they were addressed.

The new paper draft can be found at the bottom of the comment list.

Please check out this new versions and see how you like it.

Please Ad Hoc committee members (Jean-Marc, Mike, Ken) look at the paper 
and make your assessment of how the collaboration comments were received.
Given the standing inability to access several online services, I 
suggest to send any further communication to the clascomment list as 
usual BUT ALSO CC to the clas_members list.

People who didn't yet opt-in can do so by asking the authors directly 
(Kawtar, kawtar at anl.gov) for being included manually.
In any case I hope the membership database will be up again shortly to 
be able to use the standard interface for sending comments and opting in.

I would set Friday, July 22 as a FINAL DEADLINE for comments and opt-in 
before submitting the paper.

Thank you for your cooperation and Best Regards


Marco Ripani
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