[clas_members] New CLAS publication

Hicks, Kenneth hicks at ohio.edu
Mon Nov 28 12:41:44 EST 2011

Dear CLAS Collaborators,

We have a new CLAS publication by lead author Aji Daniel.  Please 
see the links and citation info given below.  Congratulations Aji!

The paper has title "Measurement of the nuclear multiplicity ratio
for K0 hadronization at CLAS" based on the eg2 experiment. Thanks 
to all of the reviewers and other people who made this possible.

Best regards,

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From: Aji Daniel [mailto:adaniel at jlab.org] 
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 12:25 PM
To: Hicks, Kenneth
Subject: K0 publication information

Hi Ken,

As I mentioned earlier, our K0 paper has been published by PLB (Phys. 
Lett. B. 706 (2011) 26 ).

The URL for online publication is

Also, if you want to update the links in publication page, the arXiv 
version of the paper  can be found at


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