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Hicks, Kenneth hicks at ohio.edu
Thu Oct 20 15:22:38 EDT 2011

Dear CLAS Collaboration,

Attached is a PDF file with a draft of a comment on the paper that was circulated by M. Amaryan et al., see the preprint at:
For some history, this is the pentaquark analysis presented earlier this year at a CLAS Collaboration meeting, where a vote
was taken about whether to approve this as a CLAS paper. (The vote failed.)

At present, the attached paper is signed by the CLAS Coordinating committee members, plus Elton Smith (chair of the analysis
review committee for the Amaryan et al. analysis).  The intent is to publish the comment paper on the arXiv website.

If you would like to join this paper as a co-author, please send email directly to me (hicks at jlab.org<mailto:hicks at jlab.org>).  (Do NOT reply to this
email unless you have a comment to go to the collaboration as a whole.)  If you want to suggest revisions to this paper,
send your comments to hicks at jlab.org<mailto:hicks at jlab.org>.

The deadline to join the paper is Friday, October 28.

Best regards,
Ken Hicks

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