[clas_members] SoS tips

Silvia Niccolai silvia at jlab.org
Wed Oct 17 04:30:34 EDT 2012

Hello all,
here are a few suggestions to deal with some problems with the SoS 
submission interface that I see being common to several groups.

- If a member has left your group during 2012, or will leave sometimes 
soon and the interface does not allow you to remove his/her name, specify 
when he/she has left or will leave in the "Notes" column. In parallel, 
contact Kevin Giovanetti to make sure the membership list is correctly 

- New members not included "by default" in the list can be added by hand 
by the institutional representative.

- You can also use the "Time share" column to clarify the actual time this 
person has spent in your group (you can't set it to 0, but if you put a 
very small number, like 0.00001 you don't get an error). Even if this parameter 
is not used in the automated estimation of the expected FTES, we'll keep 
it into account in the review phase within the SWC. 
[NOTE: this is not the case, instead, when "Time share" is used to specify 
the time that a member that also teaches can devote to CLAS: all members 
that sign papers must provide the same fraction of SW to CLAS/CLAS12. So, 
no point in using the time share information for this.]

- If you want to quote in your members list people that contributed to 
your SW but are NOT part of the collaboration (such as engineers, 
technicians etc), you can do it and mark them as "Other" in the "CLAS 
membership status" column. Even if the interface will count them to 
compute the expected FTEs, we'll fix this in the SWC review phase.

- The "percentage done" parameter is currently used by the interface to 
recompute the FTEs. However, we will re-evaluate case-by-case if this is 
appropriate or not, as often a person has really worked for that given 
time even if the task is not 100% complete.

- If you see that your estimate for 2013 is not satisfying requirements, 
remember that you can always volounteer to pick a task from the CLAS12 
task list, and include it in the SoS.

Final general remark: we will review your SoS's within the SWC, so 
please don't worry too much about the calculations done by the interface 
(both for expected and effective FTEs). You can compute your own 
expected FTEs (number_members*0.25) to see if you satisfied requirements 
or not. Just make sure to include a good amount of information and 
documentation to clearly pass your message across to the SWC.

Best regards and good SoS submission to you all

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