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Dear Colleagues,

please send me Hall B updates to the list shown below of completed PhD 
's in 2012.

Volker Burkert

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As we close the calendar year I want to ensure I have collected all 
awarded PhDs for 2012.
If your group has had a recent graduate who is not listed below, please 
send me the following information:

  * Name
  * Graduation Date
  * Link to thesis

My current list of 2012 phd graduates:

Addy, Tetteh

Bodenstein, Ryan

Bookwalter, Craig

Careccia, Sharon

Fegan, Stuart

Gabrielyan, Marianna

Gohn, Wesley

Leacock, John

Long, Elena

Luo, Wei

Markov, Nikolai


Mercado, Luis

Mihovilovic, Miha

Mkrtchyan, Arthur

Mulholland, Jonathan

Myers, Katherine

Pan, Jie

Pelissier, Craig

Pomerantz, Ishay

Schott, Diane

Senderovich, Igor

Silwal, Rupesh

Spata, Mike

Xiao, Binping

Zachariou, Nicholas

Zhang, Yawei

Lorelei Chopard
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