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Hicks, Kenneth hicks at ohio.edu
Sun Jan 6 17:36:25 EST 2013

Dear CLAS Members,

Please see the good news below from Kijun Park et al., about their publication being accepted in EPJA.

Best regards,

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From: KiJun Park [mailto:parkkj at jlab.org] 
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To: Ken Hicks
Cc: GUIDAL Michel (57321); Garcon Michel; Ralf Gothe; Jean-Marc Laget
Subject: Fwd: European Physical Journal A - Decision on Manuscript ID EPJA-102054.R1

Dear Ken,

Happy New Year~!
I would like to inform you that I got finally the acceptance letter today.

Sincerely yours,

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Subject: European Physical Journal A - Decision on Manuscript ID EPJA-102054.R1

Deep exclusive π+ electroproduction off the proton at CLAS

Dear Dr. Park:

We are pleased to inform you that your above-mentioned manuscript has been accepted for publication in the European Physical Journal A - "Hadrons and Nuclei". The paper will also be promptly published electronically at www.epj.org once we have received the final version. We would like to remind you that, after acceptance, no modifications can be made either to the list of authors, to the text or to the figures. *** Please include the remarks of both referees as much as possible as outlined in the remarks listed below, see also the comment by the co-editor, Prof. Meziani. Therefore, the previous sentence on no modifications is not applicable here!  ***

<b>Files exactly corresponding to the final accepted version of your manuscript
*** including the modifications mentioned above *** should be sent, as soon as possible, to the Editorial and Production Office at

epja.bologna at sif.it

even if your article had been previously submitted electronically. </b>(Please read carefully and adhere to the enclosed guidelines before sending any electronical material). In the event that there are no electronic files available for your manuscript, please inform the Editorial and Production Office.

<b>IMPORTANT</b>: To ensure that the CrossRef facility can hyper-link to the articles quoted in the bibliography, multiple references must not be used. I.e., a list of references under the same number is not allowed: each reference has to be singly numbered.

You will receive, in the near future, an e-mail alerting you and giving you an address to download the proofs. Should you foresee to be away during that period, may I suggest that you assign one of your collaborators to do the proofreading for you.

The attached Copyright transfer statement, duly filled in and signed, should be sent directly to Societa' Italiana di Fisica.

Any further correspondence or inquiry concerning your article should also be directed to  epja.bologna at sif.it

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Ulf Meissner
European Physical Journal A - "Hadrons and Nuclei"

Editorial and Production Office
Societa' Italiana di Fisica
Via Saragozza 12
I-40123 Bologna - Italy
Tel:  39-051-581569
Fax:  39-051-581340
e-mail: epja.bologna at sif.it

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