[clas_members] pi0 Collaboration-wide paper review

David Ireland David.Ireland at glasgow.ac.uk
Sat Apr 12 10:20:30 EDT 2014

Dear CLAS Collaborators,

The collaboration-wide review period for the entitled "Exclusive pi-0 
electroproduction at W > 2 GeV with CLAS" by Ivan Bedlinskiy et al. has 
been extended to 21 April, to ensure that all eligible authors have a 
chance to opt in.

Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message, but I want to 
ensure maximum coverage.

Best Wishes,


On Mar 25, 2014, at 11:20 AM, david.ireland at glasgow.ac.uk
<mailto:david.ireland at glasgow.ac.uk> wrote:

 > Dear CLAS Collaborators,
 > The paper entitled "Exclusive pi-0 electroproduction at W > 2 GeV
 > with CLAS" by Ivan Bedlinskiy et al. is now undergoing
 > Collaboration-wide review. The collaboration-wide review started
 > today, and will end on April 9. To check the status of this
 > Collaboration-wide review, read the latest version, and contribute
 > your comments, please login to the CLAS database
 > https://clasweb.jlab.org/membership/phonebook.php
 > and access the OPT-IN page.
 > As a reminder, you are entitled to opt-in to the author list if [See
 > CLAS Charter, Section XI.B and Bylaw C7]:
 > - You were a full or term member at the time of data taking that led
 > to the publication.
 > - You are a current full member.
 > - You are a current term member, after successful completion of an
 > initial probationary period.
 > - You are a limited member, and the lead authors have agreed to
 > include you on the author list.
 > = You are a former full or term member who has withdrawn from the CLAS
 > Collaboration, but the review takes place less than six months
 > following your departure
 > If you are unsure about your eligibility, please discuss with your
 > institutional representative and/or me.
 > Best regards,
 > Dave

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