[clas_members] Minutes of Hall B meeting

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Mon Apr 14 20:15:59 EDT 2014

Dear all,

The minutes of today's Hall B meeting are now available at: 

Please note the new CLAS Logo for use at your conference presentations, 
etc..  Also, the new "feature of the week" is supposed to reflect 
interesting things that happened in the past week(s) such as photos 
taken of detector construction, interesting Hall B related articles or 
physics graphs, etc. Please submit your "feature" by Friday 5pm. This 
week we feature a brief article on the Lambda(1405) put together for the 
"DOE Pulse" web page by Kandice Carter.

Also, note the slides presented by Cole Smith on the (ongoing) cosmic 
ray calibration of the PCAL detectors as mounted in the CLAS12 Forward 

Finally, we want to make the JLab Open House an interesting event by 
displaying detectors, posters, show and tell, and things to play with 
for the kids. And all of this right in front of the newly installed 
detectors in the forward carriage with real time cosmic ray collection 
and display. Please sign up at the link in the minutes if you happen to 
be on site and like to participate.

Best regards,
Volker Burkert

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