[clas_members] RC Update

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Mon Nov 10 10:39:00 EST 2014

Dear all,

We had very busy and very productive weekend with beam delivery to 
Hall-B tagger dump.
After 30 months, 1 pass CW beam restored to Hall-B tagger dump at about 
9:30am on
November 9, 2014. Please see logbook for details.

Hall-B was opened at 7am today (to restricted access)  and will remain 
open in swing on
Friday, November 14. This time will be used to finish work in the Hall 
for downstream beamline.

*Shifts over week, from 8am Monday, November 10, till 4pm on Friday, 
November 14 are canceled. **
Regards, Stepan

On 11/7/14 12:13 PM, Stepan Stepanyan wrote:
> Dear all,
> From what we had yesterday things have shifted by one shift. Machine 
> will start multihall
> separation work swing today. Attached is the shift schedule for Hall-B 
> as we have it at the
> moment. Evening shifts today are canceled. Depending on how repair 
> work and HCO will
> go for BSY and Halls we may or may not have night shifts, email update 
> will follow late
> afternoon.
> Regards, Stepan
> RC

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