[clas_members] tips for managing members on SoS

silvia at jlab.org silvia at jlab.org
Thu Nov 13 11:13:28 EST 2014

Dear all,
it seems like there are some problems for some institution representatives
to handle the list of members of your institutions when preparing the SoS.
Here are a couple of tips:
- if a person has left your institution before the start of 2014, you must
inform Kevin Giovanetti and ask him to remove her/him from the list of
members; then once he has done this, you should be able to remove the
person from the member list of your SoS;
- if the person has left during the year 2014, the person must appear in
the SoS, you should include in the time share the fraction of time
actually spent in your group, and add a comment to clarify this. We'll
account for this during the SWC review when evaluating your expected FTEs.
I hope this helps. Anyway, I am available to help with any problems. Once
again please respect the deadline, Nov 15.
Best regards,

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