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Dear all,

Below find the long awaited good news from the Torus magnet front.

Stay tuned!


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Dear All,

Today, we successfully started the Torus energization phase of commissioning.
We were able to exercise the power supply/magnet system as a whole, first manually, and then through
the EPICS screens. We did a number of pre-checks at 10 A and 20 A, and then executed the first step of
the procedure with ramps to 100 A at different rates, and in both polarities. All I&C systems were fully
operational and the data collected showed expected behavior. There were a few bugs on display screens
in reverse polarity, but the system switched smoothly and without any glitch from + to -

The next step is to ramp to 350 A, exercise the fast dump, and test some of the interlocks. It was a
very successful day that puts us in very solid footing to keep marching towards full current operation.

Thank you Team!


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