[clas_members] updates on accelerator

Maurizio Ungaro ungaro at jlab.org
Thu Mar 7 10:45:15 EST 2019

Dear collaborators,

The accelerator energy change is proceeding well, although slower than expected. We are now expecting beam sometime after 11pm.
The day shifts are cancelled. Swing shift should report to the counting house at 20:00 today. At that time we will start ramping up the magnet.
We'll know more as the day develops and I in case of changes I will send specific updates to the people on shifts.

The swing and owl shift should be ready to tune the beam when it arrives, please make sure to be very familiar with the tune in procedure, filling the target and in general RGB documentation:


Detector experts: the hall is in power permit, magnets are swept and the lights are off.
If you really need to go in the Hall please coordinate with Denny and make sure to stay away from the magnets area.



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