[clas_members] New guidelines for Hall-B shiter/workers in the Counting house and in the hall

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Thu Mar 19 11:34:14 EDT 2020

To Hall B Run Coordinator and Shift Takers:

Effective immediately - new guidelines in place for the resumption of CLAS12 shifts with the lab operating at MEDCON5 health level.

1) In the Counting House: All workers/shifters must strive to remain separated from each other by 6 feet of space.

2) Pay attention to personal hygiene: avoiding touching your face, regular hand washing is recommended.

3) Work in the Hall: If one person can do the job in the hall, send only one person. If two are required, they should enter the hall separately and maintain 6 ft of separation from each other. For work in Hall B requiring two people in close contact, new PPE rules are in effect. Bob Miller has been given training as to the requirements for face masks, body suits, and gloves. 

See also:
https://mailchi.mp/7d5bb1dabfbb/covid-19-safety-controls-at-jlab?e=5c2b8fb726 <https://mailchi.mp/7d5bb1dabfbb/covid-19-safety-controls-at-jlab?e=5c2b8fb726>

Hall-B management

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