[clas_members] CLAS Thesis Database

Mike Wood mikewood at jlab.org
Fri Nov 12 08:38:31 EST 2021

The Collaboration meeting is a good time to remind everyone of the thesis database.  You can view the webpage at


As a collaboration, we want to archive the great work being done in Hall B.  The webpage is divided into 5 tables:

  *   Thesis Work in Progress
  *   CLAS12 Thesis Completed
  *   CLAS6 Thesis Completed
  *   Master's Thesis Completed
  *   nonCLAS/Hall B Thesis Completed.

At the top of the webpage, there are links to forms to enter in the information.  Alternatively, you can send me an email.

I would ask that supervisors review the Thesis Work in Progress to update the list for students who have graduated or, unfortunately, students who are not with the collaboration anymore.

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