[clas_members] Hall-B leader search

silvia at jlab.org silvia at jlab.org
Wed Sep 15 10:21:14 EDT 2021

Dear CLAS Collaborators,
As you know the position of Hall-B Leader at JLab is currently open. The
Search Committee (of which I am part) has contacted several of you to
solicit nominations of possible candidates. While we thank all of those
who have replied to this solicitation, we observe that the contribution of
the Collaboration to the nominations list is not yet very significant. The
role of Hall-B Leader is fundamental for the pursuit of our current
physics program and for the shaping of the future science that can be
carried out in Hall B. The CLAS Collaboration should have a saying in the
choice of the next Hall Leader, and we can have it by getting in touch
with the Search Committee and proposing candidates.
The people to contact are either Patrizia Rossi and Dave Ireland (chair
and co-chair), or you can also directly write to me.
The deadline to propose candidates is in principle today, but for sure a
few days of delay can be tolerated.
Thanks a lot for your attention and best regards,

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