[clas_members] instructions for REMOTE shift workers for CLAS12

silvia at jlab.org silvia at jlab.org
Thu Sep 16 11:51:13 EDT 2021

Dear all,
Nathan has set up a very informative and useful link in the run page of
RG-M, explaining how to set up the VNC connection for remote shift
workers, as well as the main tasks that the workers will have to fulfill:


While there will likely be further instructions later on with more
explanations on run-specific tasks, I encourage all of you who are
scheduled to take remote shifts to look at the instructions as soon as
possible, in order to make sure all is clear and functioning on your side.
If you encounter any particular problems please let me know.
If you don't have two-factor authorization yet, please get in touch with
the helpdesk of JLab Computer Center, specifying that you need it to cover
remote CLAS12 shifts.

A big thank you to Nathan and thank you all for your cooperation.
Best regards,

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