[clas_members] [New Logentry] RC Daily Summary August 25, 2022

Sebastian Kuhn kuhn at jlab.org
Thu Aug 25 08:58:37 EDT 2022

Small correction: We FIRST take the data with 25 mm raster diameter (not radius) with the PRESENT (standard) trigger, THEN once we ramp down both magnets (torus and solenoid), we switch to the new trigger file referred to below.

Thanks - Sebastian

On Aug 25, 2022, at 8:15 AM, gayoso at jlab.org<mailto:gayoso at jlab.org> wrote:

-- change trigger to --> rgf_elec_2secrs_ftof_ctof_zero_field.trg
-- raster histogram on the empty cell using a ~25mm radius before the solenoid field is lowered.

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