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RC Report 25 August 2022

General Summary
- there is a new Sheriff in town (kinda). 
- NH3 target was annealed https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4033292
- Harp scans -->https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4033346 , https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4033346, 
- Moller run: 84.630 +/- 1.490 --> https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4033346
- Swing shift beam quite smooth
- HPW out around midnight
- Owl shift small issue with the DAQ solved by Sergey

Shift Summaries:
-Day --> https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4033211
-Swing --> https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4033211
-Owl --> https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4033526

Day Plan:
- continue taking data until ~ 3pm
- Chris Keith and team will change the target with an empty cell with no liquid helium in the bath

TO DO with empty target
-- turn off HV for sensitive detectors like the DCs, FT and SVT and put the BMT into “safe” mode (please experts need to confirm details about it)
-- change trigger to --> rgf_elec_2secrs_ftof_ctof_zero_field.trg
-- raster histogram on the empty cell using a ~25mm radius before the solenoid field is lowered.
-- ramping down both magnets and turn all detectors back on.
-- run all night with 0 field


List of valid/production runs -- aprox #events -- runtime -- target/HWP (from RCDB) (note, I write the HWP setting according to the timeline in the logbook):
16765 -- 58M    -- 3h23m -- NH3 / IN   
16766 -- 24M    -- 1h28m -- NH3 / IN   
16767 -- 57.5M -- 4h -- NH3 / IN   
16768 -- 59M -- 4h -- NH3 / IN   
16769 -- 27M -- 1h48m -- NH3 / OUT (DAQ crash, but data probably good)  
16770 -- 54M -- 4h -- NH3 / OUT   

TOTAL EVENTS (from 'good' runs): 279.5
TOTAL RUNTIME (from valid runs): 18h39m

Run Coordinator items:

- I was informed that the target polarization sign was changed. I checked with the MyaPlot, there is no logentry to this change (not in HBLOG at least). Perhaps it is not important for the next job . The plan was to change the HWP during the swing shift but it was not clear when to do it with the new polarization. I asked to the Shift crew to request the change the HWP before the end of the shift, somehow to compensate the time after the annealing.
- I asked the shift leader to fill the info about HWP plate and any necessary information in the comments of CODA before/after any run
- I am forwarding this entry to rgc at jlab.org, clas_members at jlab.org,stepanya at jlab.org, please let me know if this is incorrect, or it is redundant.

RC meeting Coordinates:
Meeting ID: 160 867 4253
Passcode: 786506

We will have the RC meeting at 14h

Your humble RC

-Carlos Ayerbe

Fun Fact of the day: 

Did you know that art 139 of the Weimar Republic (Germany  1919 - 1933) said: 
"Sundays and public holidays recognized by the State remain under legal protection as days of rest and spiritual edification" 

Holidays were protected by the Constitution!!


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