[clas_members] [New Logentry] RC Daily Summary August 23, 2022

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Wed Aug 24 08:50:01 EDT 2022

Logentry Text:
8/23 (Tue) 5-Pass Beam on NH3 Target (~50% polarization from NMR)
Smooth, steady running, with overall ABU 17.6h, BANU 0.7h Total number of events accumulated ~300M
Most downtime was due to DAQ issues, mainly triggered, by detector trips.
Changing HWP to IN during the swing shift (Run#16761).
Traget polarization was dropping faster than usual, and we will need a new anneal today.

8/24 Plans for the Day shift: As coordinated by James, the RadCon will be in Hall-B 10:30 (controlled access), we will do annealing of the target ~11:00, then do a harp scan and a Moller run, then continue with 4nA on NH3, when beam is back. 


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