[clas_members] Configuration change and shifts

Eugene Pasyuk pasyuk at jlab.org
Wed Aug 31 08:59:44 EDT 2022

Dear Collaborators,

The configuration change to FT-out is progressing according to the plan. It is expected to be completed late night Friday or Saturday morning.
All shifts are canceled until 08:00 Saturday, September 3rd. Saturday Day shift reports to the counting house as scheduled.


From: Eugene Pasyuk
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2022 14:37
To: members, clas <clas_members at jlab.org>
Subject: Configuration change and shifts

Dear Collaborators,

The FT-ON configuration of RGC ends this Friday morning. We start configuration change to FT-OUT then.
This will take about a week.
All shifts starting from the Day shift Friday, August 26th up to the Owl shift following  Friday,  September 2nd  are canceled.
I will send an update if anything changes.

The hall will be in restricted access all week. It provides an opportunity for the walkthrough. Please let me know if you are on site next week and need this training.

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