[clas_members] RC report, July 21st - RC meeting at 2PM today

silvia at jlab.org silvia at jlab.org
Thu Jul 21 08:24:37 EDT 2022

Yesterday was maintenance day, no beam all day long. We prepared for the
ND3 irradiation, getting FT back to 22° following Raffaella's
The beam came back at 5AM today. Beam tuning at the tagger was performed,
and then we started irradiation at 50 nA, at around 7AM.
The plan is to get 4 PAC hours (=8 hours) of beam in ND3, then the TG will
have an access to anneal the target and then put it back in. We'll then
resume production data taking on ND3 at 4nA. During the annealing and
going on into the data taking, we'll cool the FT back down following
Raffaella's instructions.

We'll have our daily RC meeting at 2PM today:


Passcode: 786506

Best regards,
Silvia (RC)

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