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Tue Jun 14 08:25:01 EDT 2022

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Mon 6/13- Tue 6/14:
First polarized hydrogen target in CLAS12!
* We changed the target from C to NH3 in the morning. Also used access(es) for several fixes (new target camera, FT chiller,ADCs,...)
* :-( All attempts to fix the horizontal raster magnet power supply haven't succeeded so far - it still oscillates (5 kHz) whenever it exceeds  -10A (roughly).
* :-( DC hole also remains - would likely need a major physical repair on the chamber itself.
* Target polarized to over 80% while waiting for beam
* Beam finally arrived shortly before midnight
* Taking production data on polarized NH3 since.

PLANS: MCC will do another optics test (about 1/2-1 hour) starting around 9 (no beam for us). We MUST take a Moller run sometime today. Then we will resume with data taking on NH3. If everything goes smoothly and we continue getting good data, we should be ready for the pass change tomorrow (Wednesday). 


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