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Wed Jun 15 11:40:01 EDT 2022

Logentry Text:
Tue 6/14 - Wed 6/15
* Spent roughly 10 hours during day/early swing shift trying to get the Moller polarization measurement to work - still no success. 
* Took data on NH3 during Swing and Owl Shift
* Went into controlled access at 8:30. Plan:
** Config. Wien angle and accelerator for 5-pass running (10.6 GeV)
** Target TE measurement, then switching to new Raster Calibration target
** Trying to fix oscillations on negative currents from Raster-x power supply
** Investigating Moller DAQ
** Other opportunistic tests - ToF He poisoning,...

Plan going forward:
* Establish beam at 10.6 GeV
* Repeat raster calibration
* Take empty target run with raster calibration target
* Take 0 field run for alignment
* Swap to C target for rate and occupancy studies vs. beam current and raster position
* Finalize running conditions for FTOn at 10.6 GeV
* Take and analyze road validation data
* Go back to NH3 for production running


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