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Bill Briscoe briscoe at gwu.edu
Tue Nov 15 14:27:50 EST 2022

Hi All Hall B Types

Please log in and make sure you have updated your own service for the last
year. I will follow up and fill in some blanks. They always seem to be
dissatisfied with our group so make sure you include everything and
document each item.

William J. Briscoe, Professor Emeritus
Department of Physics
The George Washington University
Director, GW Institute for Nuclear Studies (GWINS)
Director, Data Analysis Center (DAC)
202-994-6788 (Foggy Bottom Campus)
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On Tue, Nov 15, 2022 at 2:18 PM Yordanka Ilieva via clas_members <
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> Dear Colleagues,
> This is the formal announcement of the 2022 CLAS SOS submission process.
> To access the report forms, you will login at:
> https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/shifts/index.php
> Two forms need to be filled out and submitted separately (each one
> selected at the first step of the service work reporting):
>    - Report of the service work you have performed for CLAS in 2022
>    - We expect that the reported FTEs realistically reflect the total
>       time spent on the task. For example, 0.025 FTEs means that full 40 hours in
>       total were invested in the reported task.
>       - If you report a task that is on the 2022 task list, please make a
>       note "2022 Task List" in the Documentation field of the report line.
>       - If you have generated any product (presentations, status update
>       slides, technical note, timelines, etc.) on the task, please give a link to
>       the product(s) in the Documentation field of the report line.
>       - If you report a service task that involves any data analysis (and
>       is not from the task list), please make a short note in the Documentation
>       field, why this is considered service and which broader research group
>       within CLAS benefits from the results of the study. For example:
>       "Determination of detection efficiency for neutrons for RG-B SP2019
>       dataset". *Do not report analysis/systematic studies that are used
>       only in your own research project.*
>       - *Please keep, CLAS12 and CLAS service separated - there are two
>       distinct tables - CLAS service is to be reported first, the CLAS12 table
>       opens automatically next when you click "Save and go to next step".*
>       At this time, CLAS service mostly includes committee service and
>       reviews of analyses and/or manuscripts on CLAS-6 data and results.
>       - Estimation of service work you commit to perform in 2023
>    - If the task you commit to perform is from the 2023 task list, please
>       make a note "2023 Task List" in the Documentation field.
>       - If you need help to identify service that you could perform,
>       please make a selection the 2023 CLAS12 service task list at
>       https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/shifts/index.php?display=admin&task=clas12tasks *and
>       get in touch with the contact person for the task to get assigned to the
>       task.* You will not be able to get the task unless you have an
>       arrangement with the task's contact person.
>       - If you cannot find a suitable task from the task list and are in
>       a need to identify possible CLAS service for you, please contact me.
>       - If you have already committed to service (run group and/or larger
>       project) in 2023, but do not see that service in the 2023 Task List, please
>       contact me.
> Please, refer to the latest Service Work Committee report
> https://indico.jlab.org/event/597/contributions/10867/attachments/8614/12395/Report_Nov2022.pdf
> for further details.
> *The due date for SOS submission is 15 December 2022. *Late submissions
> are not acceptable.
> Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
> With best regards, Yordanka
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