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Sun Sep 4 11:35:01 EDT 2022

Logentry Text:
Got beam around 1600 Saturday.
Tuned beam to the tagger dump (harp scans in log)
took a Moller run
tuned beam to the FC (harp scans in log)
did the beam steering study.  Could not reach the edges of the target just looking at the average R1 occupancies by sector
Eugene advised looking at the detailed (wire by wire) R1 occupancies and balancing the S1 and S4 occupancies (for the x-position)
Found a rough center that way
Then turned on the raster.  Increased the raster size to find the target edges, then adjusted the offsets, then increased raster size.
Final pattern is about a 17 mm raster
MCC has orbit locks on 2c21 and 2c24, although the beamline gui shows orbit locks stopped

took luminosity scan on carbon, then 100 M event production run.  Adjust raster offset slightly and taking more C data until 1

Plans for today:
run C until 1300, then change to raster target, run for 1 hour, then change to empty target and run overnight.

** RC meeting at 2:00 today to discuss short term plans **

Your faithful and obedient RC,


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