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Tue Jan 31 09:25:01 EST 2023

Logentry Text:
Day Shift:
The solenoid was successfully ramped to full field mid-morning.
The hall was in Controlled Access from 14:00.

Evening Shift:
After completing all necessary procedures and paperwork, the hall was ready for beam at 17:45.
The solenoid (positive field direction, pointing upstream) and torus (inbending, positive polarity) were ramping at 18:00.
Beam setup was at the tagger dump at 20:15 with good profile and position.
The Moller measurement gave a beam polarization of Pe = 0.812.
At 22:00 the un-rastered 5 nA beam was on the Faraday cup (empty 15 mm target cell filled with LHe), we adjusted the beam position on 2H01 (updated in the logbook and elsewhere) with the FT ADC scalers.
The solenoid and torus magnets were then ramped down and the target emptied (empty target without LHe) for an overnight zero field alignment run.

Night Shift:
The alignment data run with 2 nA beam started around 1:00.
Mid-shift we lost the beam for about two hours due to the CARM in the truck ramp malfunctioning. Fixed by RadCon.
Around 8:00 started ramping up the solenoid and torus magnets for target position tuning with rastered beam.

After completion of beam/ target position work around 11:00, change target to 20 mm carbon and continue carbon data taking until 6:30 on Wednesday morning (begin of Accelerator Maintenance).

We will have a RC meeting today at 2 PM.

RC Meeting Coordinates:
Meeting ID: 160 867 4253
Passcode: 786506


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