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RC Summary 13th of March

Day (12th of March)
Smooth data taking on NH3-, 4nA during most day
Target change at 15h30 from NH3 to Empty
ABU 5.8h BANU 1h

Swing (12th of March):
Beam ready at 17h.
The plan was to take data on Empty target + LHe bath at 20% level for 2h, then move to 72% bath level and take data until next morning downtime, adjusting current for DC occupancies.
After struggling with beam position at 20nA, and pushing to 30nA, we settled down to 25nA after MCC called because our downstream halo counters were to high.
Data taking on Empty + 20% LHe bath at 25nA for 2h (19h30 – 21h30)
At 21h26, we stopped the 20% LHe run and started to fill the LHe bath to 72%. 
>From 21h30 onward, data taking on Empty + Full LHe (72%) with 15nA
ABU:3.21h BANU: 2h

Owl (13th of March):
Quiet shift, BMT alrams and a beam position adjustment done at 5am 
Start ramping down magnet at 6h45
ABU: 4.4h BANU: 54 minutes

Overall, good day of data taking. Took some time to adjust the beam for empty target run but we managed it in the end

Plan for the day: At 8h30 we went to restricted access. The plan for the day is to install the muRWell, download new software for magnets, change target to NH3, ramp up solenoid and take a TE, ramp up torus Outbending. Reestablish beam at 1/2nA, tracking detector off. After beam position are acceptable ask for 4nA. Restart taking data on NH3 after making sure the occupancies are acceptable in the new configuration.

There will be a RC meeting at 14h: https://clasweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/RGC_RC

As promised, there are homemade muffins in the CH


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