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RC Summary 14th of March

!!! There will be a RC meeting at 11h: https://clasweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/RGC_RC !!! 

Day (13th of March):
At 8h Radcon came to inspect the hall. And work started at 8h30. Magnet were ramped down, new software for the cryo system of the magnets was installed, muRwell was installed and NH3 target was installed.
Sweep started at 15h50

Swing (13th of March):
Hall sweep finished at 16h10. And tracking detector off, while waiting for the beam
Beam came back at 18h after a long accelerator downtime that in the end did not affect us. After adjusting the position at 1nA, we move to 4nA and took data since then. DC occupancy are similar to inbending (R1 5-6%) see:
Some BMT trips, related to large excursion of the beam current after trips. Power cycles and voltage adjustments by experts solved them.
At 21h45, the NMR screen froze. It was solved from the CH by James Maxwell at 22h30.

Owl (14th of March):
Data taking on NH3+ outbending 4nA
Many BMT trips. Expert called each time and adjusted voltage were applied.
FTC alarm at 7h20. Related to gas bottle change outside the CH according to Eugene. Disappeared after the truck left
Overall, very good shift 
ABU 6h

Plan for the day: HWP change at 13h or target polarization change. Remain to be discuss at the 11h RC meeting
Plan for Wednesday: Target change NH3 to ND3, further muRWell work, no survey planned. This will require only Controlled access (to be decided at the early RC meeting) 

!!! There will be a RC meeting at 11h: https://clasweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/RGC_RC !!! 


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