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RC Summary 15th of March

Day (14th of March): 
We took data whenever there was beam, in other words very seldomly.
At 13h30 we started inverting the target polarization from positive to negative. This ended at 15h15.
Shift ended with beam tuning.
Overall, a “bad” boring shift with few good data.
ABU: 2h BANU: 12 minutes

Swing (14th of March):
Production beam back on target at 17h10, 4nA on -59% pol. NH3
No noticeable events during the whole shift expect FT gas alarm, traced back to the gas tank being filled at the start of the day shift.
Overall, a “good” boring shift with plenty of good data
ABU: 5.75h BANU: 7 minutes

Owl (15th of March):
The owl shift summary is 8 lines. Here is a 8 letters summary: “Good data”
ABU: 6.7h BANU: 6 minutes

Plan for the day: Beam study started at 8h. They will last until 15h at least. Beam planned to be back during Swing shift.
At 8h15, Eugene initiated to ramp down the torus. Work on the muRWell, and target swap from NH3 to ND3 planned for the day.
At 13h30, I will surrender the "one RC phone to rule them all" to its next bearer. Mohammad will take over the burden for the next 5 days

There will be a RC meeting at 14h: https://clasweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/RGC_RC


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