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Fri Mar 24 04:40:20 EDT 2023

Dear all,

The Collaboration meeting is a good time to remind everyone to check the
thesis webpage.  You can find it at
https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/general/clas_thesis.html.  There are sections
for theses in progress, CLAS12 completed theses, CLAS6 completed theses,
Master’s theses, and nonCLAS related theses.  If you are an advisor,
please take the time to review the theses in progress to see if anyone
should be moved to a completed section.  If you are a student, your thesis
is linked to the webpage for the world to see.

There are Google forms linked to the page to submit the information. 
Alternatively, you can send me an email (wood5 at canisius.edu).


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