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Wed Jul 15 11:14:56 EDT 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As JLab changed status from MedCon-6 to MedCon-5, we have assembled relevant information for users about access status and requests.

JLab COVID19 web site (login required):


Access Status: Earlier this Spring, all Users’ badges were deactivated as the lab ceased normal operations due to the pandemic. The badges will not be automatically reactivated, but will require users to complete a new access registration form.

Access Restrictions during MedCon-5: JLab has resumed limited on-site operations. Access to the lab is now highly restricted for both users and employees. For the most part, only users who are required for on-site operations (as determined by the hall leaders or Physics division) will be granted access.

Access for shift-takers during MedCon-5: If you have signed up for in-person shifts, the experimental spokesperson or the PDL will request the approval from the Hall Leader for you. They will inform you when they have submitted the shift-takers names for approval. You can submit a registration form then. Keep in mind that users must submit a new registration form at least seven days before on-site arrival. JLab has informed us that the 7-day-advance registration policy may be relaxed during MEDCON 5 to facilitate operations and remain flexible to dynamic scheduling challenges, but please, let us not abuse this relaxation.

See the following link for information on the training and health questionnaire required before arrival.


Non-shift access: If you need to come at the Lab for non-shift-related work, you need to obtain first an approval from the respective Hall Leader. Bear in mind that such approvals are tightly restricted, and only requests for required work will be considered.  Approved users must submit a new registration form at least seven days before on-site arrival as described above.

If you need urgent temporary facility access (such as to retrieve materials from your office or to secure equipment), you should contact your Jefferson Lab sponsor.

During MEDCON 5, CEBAF Center and the Support Services Center (SSC) front desks will not be staffed. If you are a user approved to be on-site and are experiencing badge access issues, contact Security at (757) 269-5822.

If you forgotten or have lost your badge: If you are a user approved to be on-site and are requiring the issuance of a replacement badge, you must request an appointment by phone (757) 269-6588, or email fso at jlab.org<mailto:fso at jlab.org>. Appointment times are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The badging office is located at the SSC, Bldg. 28, Room 52. Reminder: Security and Badging staff are working remotely during MEDCON 5. Badging services will only be conducted with at least 24 hours advance scheduling and all access requirements completed.

Residence Facility Reservation Request: Residence Facility reservations can be made at http://www1.sura.org/resfac/accomodations/reserve.html<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www1.sura.org_resfac_accomodations_reserve.html&d=DwMDaQ&c=CJqEzB1piLOyyvZjb8YUQw&r=9hDhXEcLGA8uJeQC2XPhvy1Xfti5e_UBZ8o9PCgL8AY&m=DieWCwSlX207K9hsdOeyj5Qm1fLEW_f4obNhTWhx51s&s=_JODMGzMMZaTrs0VF7Y1c0ljE7HGlrFoHiGcLu_f_VI&e=> (new online form). The facility will hold rooms for you until you have completed the approval and registration process. The facility will instruct you how to confirm that you are allowed on site. Access code to get your "key packet" on the day of arrival will only be sent, once ResFac gets the final approval from JLAB prior to your arrival. To be clear, this means that SURA will not allow visitors and users who do not have Jefferson Lab campus access to self-isolate at the Residence Facility until campus access is granted.

Checking Your Badge Status: In order to check your current access status, you login to JList from a browser that runs on a JLab server. Instructions on how to access the servers remotely can be found on the CC web site (login required): https://cc.jlab.org/remoteaccess (bottom of page). The VDI option has proven to be reasonably fast.

Further information: Please, follow carefully the JLab Weekly e-mails for updates on the evolving situation. Often, these can be found on the side of the main articles.  If you need help with further questions do not hesitate to let one of us know, or contact the User Liaison<mailto:lorelei at jlab.org> office directly.

Yordanka Ilieva

JLUO Director

User/Lab Interactions

ilieva at sc.edu

Kent Paschke

Chair, JLUO Board of Directors

paschke at virginia.edu

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