[Cugapost] Hall A Staff Scientist---a message from Kees de Jager

Rachel Harris harris at jlab.org
Mon Oct 5 15:07:23 EDT 2009

Hall A Staff Scientist

The Hall A Group at Jefferson Lab is seeking an accomplished staff 
physicist with broad experience in electromagnetic nuclear physics and 
the construction and operation of detectors (including their data 
acquisition system) in an intense electromagnetic beam environment. The 
Hall A group currently operates the pair of High-Resolution 
Spectrometers (HRSs), and is engaged in the design of three large 
equipment upgrades that will be used after completion of the 12 GeV 
energy upgrade of the CEBAF accelerator. Hall A supports a broad 
research program to study the structure of nucleons and nuclei ranging 
from nucleon form factors and nucleon spin structure in the valence 
quark regime to deeply virtual Compton scattering and the low-energy 
tests of the Standard Model. A broad experimental program at the 
forefront of hadronic physics has already been approved for Hall A. The 
successful candidate will initially have responsibility for the support 
of a broad experimental program in Hall A but a significant effort will 
be dedicated to the design, construction, commissioning and operation of 
the new large set-ups in support of the science program with the 12 GeV 


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