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Tue Oct 13 09:12:32 EDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,

We will start a new research project
"Elucidation of New Hadrons with a Variety of Flavors (New hadrons)"
supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and
Technology (MEXT) from April 2010. In order to make significant
achievement in the theoretical research, we will hire several
young researchers of postdocs and/or assistant professors.

This is a large joint project formed by several research groups
in Japan. The candidates are hosted by one of the institutions
as listed below, and expected to work for theoretical hadron physics,
particularly for exotic hadrons with various flavors. We encourage
their considerations of large sets of experimental data taken from
KEK/Belle, J-PARC and LEPS, which are the main research bodies of
this project from the experimental side. Young candidates who have
a strong intention to work with them, or those who have new idea
are also desired.

We encourage applications of strong candidates.

Atsushi Hosaka
RCNP, Osaka University


1 Type: number of openings
 Research Associate: a few
 Assistant Professor: a few

2 Contract type and duration
 Starting from April 1, 2010
 Research Associate:   1 + 1 years
 Assistant professor:  2 + 2 years

3 Research institutions (Employer)/host person
 RCNP, Osaka University/Atsushi Hosaka
 Department of Physics, Kyoto University/Hideo Suganuma
 Department of Physics, Nagoya University/Masayasu Harada
 Japan College of Social Work/Sachiko Takeuchi
 KEK/Osamu Morimatsu

4 Qualification
 Doctor degree (PhD) or
 expected to finish the degree before April 1, 2010.

5 Deadline of application
 November 30. 2009

6 Salary
 Research Associate:  Approximately 350,000/month
 Assistant Professor: Approximately 400,000/month
 Precise amount depends on the applicants career
 and the regulations of the institutions

7 Application materials
(1) CV (Curriculum Vitae)
(2) Please indicate
   The institution you would like to work at
   Type of jobs (Research Associate or Assistant professor)
   For both you can apply double.
(3) Publication list
   Please select the three important papers
(4) Description of your past/current research  (within 2 pages)
   Research Plan  (within 2 pages)
(5) Copies of the selected three important papers
(6) Two reference persons
   You can also have reference letters be sent.

Please prepare all materials (except for reference letters)
electrically and combine (1)-(4) in a single pdf file.
Send all of them by e-mail to

Reference letters may also be sent to

For inquiries, please contact Atsushi Hosaka
E-mail: hosaka(at)rcnp.osaka-u.ac.jp

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